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When applying for a job, your cover letter is key and must be written to the best of your potential in order for an employer to take you seriously as a candidate. Majority of employers will briefly read your cover letter before deciding whether or not they want to see more and take the time to open your CV, or whether they can already tell that this job may not be the one for you.

Things to keep in mind

  • This is the first direct contact you will be making with a potential employer. You need to make sure that the letter is as tailored to this job role as possible, so that it doesn’t feel as though you are sending this letter out to multiple companies.
  • The cover letter is here to compliment your CV. Your CV will have information on your job history and past experiences, the cover letter should be primarily about the job role on offer and the skills you can bring to the table to fill this vacancy.
  • The cover letter needs to remain focused and not ramble on for pages. Aim to keep it a few paragraphs in length
  • Make sure not to ask anything regarding salary, benefits or holiday in the cover letter, keep it very professional and any questions you do have can be asked if you progress to the interview stage

Layout and Structure

Your cover letter should only be around 4-5 small paragraphs in size. You will want the employer to read as much of your application as possible, so by keeping it short in length you can assure they will not get bored and will read most, if not all of what you have written.

At the top of every cover letter you should always begin with your contact information. You can include:

Full name




Phone Number

Email Address

On the opposite side of the page you should put down the employers contact information, or as much as you are able to find.


Introduction paragraph:

Your introduction should be small and to the point, explaining why you are writing and exactly what job you are applying for. If you have been referred by somebody, put this into this section of the letter.

Second paragraph:

Here is where you need to do your research - this section is all about the company and the respect you have for them. Make sure you are explaining why you want to work for this company and what you can bring to it.

Third Paragraph:

Within this section of the cover letter, you can provide short details on your academic and professional qualifications and/ or skills which will be relevant to the role you are applying for. Make sure you read through the job advert again for this point to make sure you are covering as many skills as possible.


Make sure to go over your key skills once more and link them to the job role.

Thank the employer for taking the time to read your application and mention you look forward to hearing back.

Sign the letter appropriately (Yours Sincerely/ Yours Faithfully)

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